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3 Sizzling Reasons Why You Should Use Sex Toys
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3 Sizzling Reasons Why You Should Use Sex Toys

3 Sizzling Reasons Why You Should Use Sex Toys 


Whether you’re in an established relationship, single, or ready to mingle, here are 3 reasons why it’s time to introduce a sex toy (or two) into the bedroom.


1. Self Discovery & Exploration


Whatever your experience level, it’s never too late to explore your body. By using a sex toy to masturbate, you can learn (and relearn) what pushes your buttons (and what doesn’t) at your own pace. 


If you’re planning to try something new and uncharted, an adult toy is a safe and convenient way to test the waters. This can be done solo or with a partner as part of foreplay.


Specialized toys, such as anal beads, double penetration vibes, and butt plugs, are a fantastic way to prepare for non-vaginal intercourse such as anal sex. They can even be used during lovemaking for added stimulation.


There’s a wide range of sex toys to choose from. Mix, match, and experiment until you learn which type works best for you and your needs. Just remember to relax, have fun, and trust yourself.


2. Hotter Sex, Foreplay & Roleplay


Despite what people say, sex toys aren’t just for singles - couples can use them too! Whether for foreplay, roleplay, or full-on intercourse, sex toys can elevate that sexual encounter. 


From sex pillows and couples rings to the handsfree Dame Eva II, there’s something to send both of your pulses racing.


When it comes to choosing the right couples sex toy, there’s a long list of options available. However, there’s no hard and fast rule that says it has to be a couple’s toy. 


For women, a vibrator that focuses on external stimulation (i.e. a bullet or wand massager) can be used during sex to help you reach for orgasm. For men, it can be used to massage and stimulate the prostate.


Penis rings, on the other hand, can be used solo or with a partner to accentuate erections. They can increase sensations for you and your partner. The LELO Tor 2, for instance, has a vibrate function to do just that.


Used during roleplay, sex toys allow you to explore each other’s kinks and fantasies. If BDSM is your thing, you can tempt, tease, and withhold your partner’s orgasm until they can’t take it anymore (Fifty Shades of Gray style). Take turns and uncover if you’re a dom or a sub! With the right tools and intimate accessories at hand, the only limitation is your imagination. 


3. Improved Communication & Long Distance Bonding


Sex toys are more than just a way to spice things up in the bedroom. They can also bring couples closer together. In fact, during orgasm, we release the hormone oxytocin to do just that. Nicknamed the ‘love hormone,’ this neurotransmitter is what makes people want to hug and bond after sex.


Activities, such as mutual masturbation, allow you to work on your communication skills. In turn, you can gain a deeper understanding of what turns you and your partner on. You can use this information to improve lovemaking, build trust, and strengthen your overall bond. 


For long-distance couples, sex toys offer a way to be intimate without physical touch. 


While there’s a wide range of solo and couples sex toys to choose from, remote-controlled toys like the We-Vibe Unite or We-Vibe Pivot can help liven up that voice or video chat. App-enabled, they let your partner take the reins for the ultimate act of faith - at home or away.   


Final Thoughts...


So there you have it. Used on their own, or as part of lovemaking, sex toys are nothing to be scoffed at! Whatever your relationship status, they definitely deserve a place on your nightstand.


So what are you waiting for? You might just surprise yourself! The body is made up of several erogenous zones, just waiting to be discovered. What you unearth may completely rock your world. 


If you’re unsure where to start, check out some of our favorite adult toys and intimate accessories for some inspiration. 



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