Njoy Pure Plug

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Size: Small
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Designed in high-quality, stainless steel for a wonderful weight and feel, the Njoy Pure Plug is your key to secret stimulation.
It features a large head for an amazing stretch of penetration, combined with a tapered stem for easy retention and long-lasting comfort. Perfect for use on your own or with a friend, the Pure Plug is wonderfully smooth and shaped perfectly to a body's contours. You will enjoy a terrific sense of fullness with the Pure Plug. This is an easy toy to explore anal pleasure and to discover how sensitive you are "back there". It comes in three different sizes so you can chose the fit that is perfect for you.

- Weighted stainless steel, exquisitely designed for anal pleasure
- Easy to clean
- Comes in three sizes:
Small: width of head 1 inch (25mm), weight of 18 oz
Medium: width of head 1.25 inches (32mm), weight of 21 oz
Large: width of head 1.5 inches (38mm), weight of 25 oz

- Fast shipping with discreet packaging

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